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We Provide a Personal Project Manager for Every Client

At the beginning of every project, a knowledgeable Project Manager will be assigned to you.  They will ensure that you have the best experience ever. The Project Manager will be responsible for accuracy of the project,  i.e. colors, paperwork, measurements, meeting with adjusters, and working with crews, Field Supervisors and Claims Processors. Your Project Manager has mastered the skills necessary to diagnose a homeowner’s needs.

We offer a well-equipped and diversified company with a team of professionals who are ready to meet your commercial and residential roofing, remodeling, and exterior needs.

We want to assist our customers in understanding their options so that they make choices that will serve them well in the long-term.  This is the core part of our service. We take pride in being a “learning” organization, and frequently host learning lunches to keep the Project Planners on the cutting edge with new products and services. Our favorite undertaking is seeking out and making environmentally friendly products available. Our goal is to become full project partners with you. We want to understand what you want to make happen, as well as to understand your project from a technical perspective. Aesthetics and optimum functionality are important to both home and business owners. Our ideal customers are those who care about the details of their project – those who want a job well done. We have the right people in the right positions that are united in the goal and mission of making a positive impact in the lives of people. Out of this goal, we have developed many strategies that are exceptional in our industry and unique to our company.

The individuals that we send to your home are Service Professionals. All of the Service Professionals work in certain locations around the city. Since they work by area, they do not drive from one part of town to another, which allows them to always be close to your current home project for any need that should arise.

Service Professionals are involved in their jobs in progress from start to finish. The person that estimates your project is the same person who arranges the material delivery. He is also the same person that hand-picks the crew for your job and interacts with them throughout the process of performing your project. The Service Professional is responsible to check the final outcome to ensure that it is the result promised you by him in the initial appointment.  Upon completion of your home improvement project, the owner of our company will make a personal phone call to follow-up on your work to ensure your satisfaction with our company.

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